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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway

Mobile applications, e-commerce websites, online businesses,  and payment gateways have been very successful in recent times. Online payment has made it easy for customers to pay for their services and products online. Research has shown that more than eighty percent of online customers make their purchases via debit or credit cards.

A payment gateway is a code that interfaces the shopping cart with a credit card company. It plays a significant role in ensuring that payment is made. In essence, it is like a door through which a transaction made from the consumer to the retailer. 

Examples of Common Payment Gateways


Some of the most popular payment gateways include PayU, Stripe, Skrill, Amazon Payments, BrainTree, PayPal, and many others. These platforms have made it for the online business people to accept various forms of electronic payments. Payment gateways offer a convenient, complete payment solution, thereby eliminating the need for setting up and running all the hardware, software, and security.

Both large scale and scale merchants can use these modes of payments to complete their transactions. Some of the essential factors that you need to consider when choosing an online payment platform include;

Straightforward and Intuitive

You should select a system that integrates easily within the checkout process. An ideal system should be configured in such a way that it is easy for use. Remember that even the tiniest things can cost your sales if your payment platform is not straightforward.  In general, you should avoid unleashing a payment platform on your site unless everything has been covered off. The best way of finding out if the system is straightforward or not by allowing your family and friends to make trial purchases.

Technical Support

technical support

Check whether the system provider is readily available to offer help if there is an issue with the product chosen. Excellent technical support is one of the critical features that you should look for before signing up with an online payment system. It is also critical to check the mode of communication used by the support team.  The conventional methods of communication used by the support team include online chat, email or phone.


Doing an online search can help you in finding out if a product is reputable or not. Twitter is the other suitable place where you can interact with customers to know if a particular product or brand is right or not. What do customers say about the payment platform that you intend to sign up with? You should choose a system that is highly rated by uses. Online users will always avoid signing up with payment systems that can cause them headaches.

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